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February 2001 Dissertation at the Free University Berlin, Germany: Cenozoic basin evolution of the Central Andean Puna Plateau (NW Argentina) – The area of the Salar de Antofalla und a comparison to the Northern Puna (Supervisor: Prof. K. Goerler, FU Berlin, PD Dr. Dorothee Mertmann, FU Berlin)
October 1988 - March 1995
Study of Geology/Paleontology, University of Bonn, Germany, Diploma thesis: Geological investigations in the transition of the Cape Fold Belt to the Karoo Basin in the area of Laingsburg (SW Cape Province / South Africa) (Supervisor: Prof. A. Siehl, University of Bonn, Prof. M. de Wit, University of Cape Town, South Africa)
Professional Experience
September 2003 - Present
Friedrich-Schiller-Universitaet Jena, Institute of Geosciences, Research assistant:
  • lectures and exercises in general geology and sedimentology,
  • field geology assistant (sedimentology, regional geology);
  • Research: sedimentary facies development, diagenetic processes in clastic sediments, reservoir geology

Panterra Geonsultants B.V., Warmond, The Netherlands: Project Geologists

  • Employment in the E&P industry focussed on the characterisation of clastic oil and gas reservoirs: facies analysis (core description, facies interpretation), diagenesis of clastic sediments (SEM, XRD, polarisation mikroskopy, cathodoluminescence), integration of petrophysical data, geostatistical data analysis, log interpretation, multi-well studies, correlation, sequence analysis. Main region: Triassic and Rotliegend of the Southern North Sea and The Netherlands-Onshore.
1995 - 2000
Institute of geology, geophysics and geoinformatics, Free University of Berlin: Scientific assistant – Member of the Collobarative Research Center 267 “ Deformation processes in the Andes”
  • exercises in general geology,
  • field geology assistant (sedimentology, structural geology);
  • Research: sedimentary facies analysis, provenance studies, tectonosedimentary reconstructions
Research Interests

Sedimentology of continental deposits (sediment petrology, facies analysis) and basin analysis. Two years of work experience in the E&P industry: Reservoir characterisation, facies analysis and diagenesis of clastic sediments. Lectures and exercises in General Geology and Sedimentology. Regional skills: Central Andes, Karoo Basin/Cape Fold Belt (South Africa), Southern North Sea.


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